Moving Out: House VS Apartment

You finally decided that it’s time. You’re moving out. You know where you want to go, but you’re not sure where to live. You should figure that one out fast because the backseat of your car isn’t very homey. I’m sure you’ve narrowed it down between renting or buying (you’re probably going to rent because who wants you be tied down these days?). But now you’re stuck on whether to rent an apartment or a house? Well you’re in luck because I’ve done both and can help you outweigh the pros and cons!

Renting a House

My boyfriend and I rent a house now with our dog. We love it so very much! We moved to an area where the price wouldn’t be outrageous (our hometown).


Renting a house is amazing! You don’t have to deal with super thin walls and having to listen to your neighbors music until 2 am while you’re trying to cram for a test. You can have your own back yard which makes it a lot more convenient if you have pets. When renting a house, they also tend to be more lenient about painting and decorating. Living in a house is much more homey and you’ll probably be getting a lot more space.


Money, money, money… Renting a house is going to be quite a chunk of change each month. On top of that, if something breaks you’re probably going to be the one who has to take care of the issue. Lawn maintenance is another pain. Pushing the lawn mower around can be a pretty good workout, so I guess it could be looked at as a “pro” too.

Renting an Apartment

When my boyfriend and I first moved out of our parent’s houses, we went and rented an apartment. Living in a house now, I feel like we took for granted how easy it was living in an apartment. We didn’t have to stress out about anything when it came to maintenance. But as our dog got bigger, the apartment got smaller and we knew it was time to move to a house.


Don’t worry about ever having to lift a finger if anything is broken. It’s really a luxury! If you’re dishwasher broke or you keep seeing roaches around the place, have no fear because maintenance is already there. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit. How good maintenance is depends on your apartment complex. We got lucky enough that if we called about an issue early in the morning, they would be at our apartment later that day. I never had to look up a YouTube tutorial on how to fix a clogged drain. Also, you never have to worry about mowing the lawn. At our old apartment, there were never any dead plants or overgrown grass. The other factor is obviously money. It is cheaper (normally) to rent out an apartment.  If you get an apartment with a pool the price goes up but it’s really a nice convenience to have.


I’m bringing up money again because I know that money is normally a lot of people’s main concern when moving out. Deciding on how nice of an apartment you are want and whether you’re going to have roommates or not will really weigh in on the price. One of the main reasons we moved from our apartment was because the price was pretty high for what we were getting out of our space. We thought that we could spend the few extra hundred a month and put it towards a house that had more square footage and had its own back yard for our dog to play in. For us the apartment scenario just didn’t work out.  Also, if you’re annoyed by noise easily, good luck in an apartment. If you get neighbors above you, it really sounds like they practice bowling ever night in their living room. Here’s a video that gives you a good idea of what to look out for noise wise: Upstairs Neighbors

No matter where you decide to live, just know that you’re starting an amazing journey and you’re going to enjoy where you are regardless. For some of you this space may be only used to change and sleep. For others, this might be their safe haven when they miss their other home. Whether you’re in a house or apartment, add your own touch on it and make it feel like your new home away from home.




Lost, Stranded and Confused?

Is it finally that time for you? The time you have been waiting for for what seems like centuries? Are you MOVING OUT ON YOUR OWN? This is going to be the time of your life, right? You can eat whatever, whenever. You can stay out however late you want and not tell your parents where you’ve been. You can throw parties at your new place! Sounds amazing. But behind all that excitement, there’s always going to be fear of the unknown. So I’m here to help ease some of those knee-shaking thoughts running through your head.

“I don’t even know how to cook rice!”

Neither do a lot of people. Rice really isn’t that easy to perfect without a rice maker. But if your fear is that you can’t cook in general because you’ve never had to cook on your own, well then I was right there with you. Trust me when I say, you learn. You don’t have much of a chose but to learn unless you’re okay with eating Ramon Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I moved out, I knew how to cook noodles and that was about it. I remember calling my mom to ask her if you cook chicken in the oven or on the stove (you can do it both ways by the way). Now I’m the one who cooks dinner every night for my boyfriend and me. Cooking meals will become a natural thing for you. I’m not saying you need a three course meal every night or need to start working towards being on Chopped. Just be open to not spending all your money on Chinese take-out. Here are some easy recipes that have become some of my favorites to cook since being on my own: One Pan Chicken Pesto Pasta, Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes, Chicken Stir-Fry

“What if I don’t make friends?”

A lot of people move out of their home town when they move out of their parents house. This means leaving everything you know behind: how exciting! Just reassure yourself that you’re not alone. People move to knew places constantly and guess what… They survive! Most likely, when you move, you’ll get a new job over there. It’s really smart to befriend coworkers because not only do you have to function with them in order to work successfully, but you are probably going to be seeing them a lot. So right there, you’ve already made some friend in your new town. Then if you moved to go to school over there, that’s an even bigger bonus! College campus’ make it so easy for you to meet new people and make friends. What if out of all those people you meet you still can’t find that one person you can click with? That’s when you take the scariest step of all and go to a place that interests you ALONE. Go to a bar that keeps playing your favorite song or the comic shop that you purposely take the long way home to just try and peek inside. The people that are there probably share the same interests as you!

“What if I get homesick?”

I’m here to say that you most definitely will get homesick. If you aren’t homesick from your parents, you’ll get homesick from that little coffee shop that you would spend your afternoons at after high school. Or you’ll get homesick from your dogs that used to bug the heck out of you when you were living at home. The point is, if you’re human, you will most likely get homesick at one point on your journey. I’m here to tell you today, that you getting homesick is NOT your sign to turn back and move home. That’s your sign that maybe you should plan a weekend to go back and say “hi” to the barista that you’ve grown up with or go give your pups some love. By getting homesick you’re not taking any steps back, you’re just moving forward at your own pace. You probably grew up in your hometown for the majority of your life, or at least some important years. It’s only natural to miss that little town you used to call home. But believe your gut when it tells you that your on to bigger and better adventures.

There is life after high school. There are people and adventures outside of your home town. Take the leap. Life is fun and it’s exciting to see what is out there, beyond what you know. Even if you just leave for a year and then make your way back to your home town, at least you can say you left and tested the water elsewhere. Enjoy your new journey.