Who to Follow for Decor?

Social media is such a great place to get inspiration for decorating. Instagram is my favorite platform to follow decor sights because it’s all pictures! Staying in tune with some specific people on social media can keep your mind flowing and help if your ever in a rut with decorating your new place. Here are my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram!


  • @roomor_ She has amazing photos of boho decor. Her decoration style is very relaxed and bright.
  • @burlapbowdecor She posts photos of super homey decor with a hint of rustic every now and then. This one has my favorite style.
  • @homegoods This is an actual corporation but they post a variety of so many different styled decor. And the best part is you automatically know where all the decor is from!
  • @truelockequalstruelove This account has homey style, but hers is very rustic. She incorporates some antique items into her decor and it really ties her whole room together.
  • @consortdesign The decor posted on this account is a lot more contemporary than my style, but it still give great decorating motivation!

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