Where to Shop for Stuff to Fill Your New Space

When I moved out, filling all the empty space was the hard part. You go from only filling up one room to having to decorate a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom! I had a set style in mind that I wanted to show in my new apartment. Lucky for me my only roommate was my boyfriend, so my style wasn’t going to clash with anyone else. Whenever I’d shop for decor I never knew what was a good deal and what was way over priced. Through trial and error I have narrowed down the best places to look for decor for your new place that are affordable, cute, and good quality!

1. TJMaxx/Marshalls

These places are owned my the same big corporate office, so they generally have the same sort of items. It’s good to check out both of these stores because although the have the same type of decor (frames, fake plants, mirrors, throw pillows, etc.), they have such a different variety between the two. These stores have amazing decor and if you can’t find anything you like, it’s bound to give you inspiration. I get almost all my fake plants from TJMaxx for such a good price compared to some of their competitors.

2. Hobby Lobby

YES the infamous Hobby Lobby. This place is no joke when it comes to decor. They have everything under the moon. Oh, and during the holidays… WOW! The thing with Hobby Lobby is the are 100% over priced if you buy their decor at normal price. Hobby Lobby’s trick is that they price their items way overpriced and then they’ll slap a 40% off sticker on it, so you can’t help but think you got a great deal! So their “sale” prices are the normal price decor should be. Steer clear of their other items, like throw blankets and lamps, because those (even on “sale”) can be a pretty penny. For those type of decoration try the store above.

3. Target

This is the store that you go into for milk and come out with 2 new throw pillows, a mascara, and a new pair of shoes (because yes, they have it all!). Target can be a little over priced; But, they always have decor on clearance. This store is my favorite place for decorating the bathroom. I’ve gotten the cutest soap dispensers and shower curtains from here and they were such great quality. Target also is the place I go to for outdoor floor mats.

4. Walmart

Surprisingly, yes… Walmart made the list. Walmart is the best for getting the cheap basics. I got both of my little bathroom trashcans from here for a great price. The best time to go is before school starts because they have all their college dorm decor out and normally some of it’s on sale.

5. Yard Sales

If you are trying to be frugal, out of all of the shops I mentioned, this is your best bet. As long as you’re going constantly, you can find some real hidden gems! Also, if you’re into DIYs this is a great place to start. For me, I go to yard sales to look for the big pieces I need to complete a space: coffee tables, TV stands, side tables. I haven’t mastered furniture shopping yet to know good prices or not. I just know I’m not going to spend $75 on a side table right now!



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